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I’m always looking for good writers for Programtalk.

Programtalk is a technical site focused on the Java ecosystem.We publish tutorials and how-to articles – code-focused and very practical.

We have two options for writers :-

  1. You will start by writing guest articles.  A guest post with a full author profile – publishing under your own name.
  2. You will get paid for your posts but all of the posts will be published under one generic user.


Article Topics

The articles needs to be practical and focused on a code (good code samples are absolutely essential).

The article topic has to be Java related. Most authors like to suggest their own topics. But if you like we can also suggest one.

Once you have submitted your article, I would be reviewing your article and publish it. If any changes are to be made, i would be providing a detailed feedback to you.

If you are interested in writing, please submit the request here

Welcome to programtalk

T Tak

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