import sys, re, six

from django.test import TestCase
from django.conf import settings
from django.contrib.auth import get_user_model
from django.utils.six.moves.urllib_parse import urlparse, parse_qs

from userena.utils import (get_gravatar, signin_redirect, get_profile_model,
                           get_protocol, generate_sha1)
from userena import settings as userena_settings
from userena.compat import SiteProfileNotAvailable

class UtilsTests(TestCase):
    """ Test the extra utils methods """
    fixtures = ['users']

    def test_generate_sha(self):
        s1 = six.u('\xc5se')
        s2 = six.u('\xd8ystein')
        s3 = six.u('\xc6gir')
        h1 = generate_sha1(s1)
        h2 = generate_sha1(s2)
        h3 = generate_sha1(s3)
        # Check valid SHA1 activation key
        self.assertTrue(re.match('^[a-f0-9]{40}$', h1[1]))
        self.assertTrue(re.match('^[a-f0-9]{40}$', h2[1]))
        self.assertTrue(re.match('^[a-f0-9]{40}$', h3[1]))

    def test_get_gravatar(self):
        template = 's=%(size)s&d=%(type)s'

        # Check the defaults.
        parsed = urlparse(get_gravatar('[email protected]'))
            parse_qs(template % {'size': 80, 'type': 'identicon'})

        # Check different size
        parsed = urlparse(get_gravatar('[email protected]', size=200))
            parse_qs(template % {'size': 200, 'type': 'identicon'})

        # Check different default
        parsed = urlparse(get_gravatar('[email protected]', default='404'))
            parse_qs(template % {'size': 80, 'type': '404'})

    def test_signin_redirect(self):
        Test redirect function which should redirect the user after a
        succesfull signin.

        # Test with a requested redirect
        self.assertEqual(signin_redirect(redirect='/accounts/'), '/accounts/')

        # Test with only the user specified
        user = get_user_model().objects.get(pk=1)
                             '/accounts/%s/' % user.username)

        # The ultimate fallback, probably never used
        self.assertEqual(signin_redirect(), settings.LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL)

    def test_get_profile_model(self):
        Test if the correct profile model is returned when
        ``get_profile_model()`` is called.

        # A non existent model should also raise ``SiteProfileNotAvailable``
        # error.
        with self.settings(AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE='userena.FakeProfile'):
            self.assertRaises(SiteProfileNotAvailable, get_profile_model)

        # An error should be raised when there is no ``AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE``
        # supplied.
        with self.settings(AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE=None):
            self.assertRaises(SiteProfileNotAvailable, get_profile_model)

    def test_get_protocol(self):
        """ Test if the correct protocol is returned """
        self.assertEqual(get_protocol(), 'http')

        with self.settings(USERENA_USE_HTTPS=True):
            self.assertEqual(get_protocol(), 'https')