from __future__ import unicode_literals

from django.utils.html import escape
from django.utils.six.moves.urllib.parse import urlparse
from djblets.util.templatetags.djblets_images import crop_image

from reviewboard.admin.server import build_server_url
from import FileAttachmentReviewUI

class ImageReviewUI(FileAttachmentReviewUI):
    name = 'Image'
    supported_mimetypes = ['image/*']

    allow_inline = True
    supports_diffing = True

    js_model_class = 'RB.ImageReviewable'
    js_view_class = 'RB.ImageReviewableView'

    def get_page_cover_image_url(self):
        """Return the URL to an image used to depict this on other sites.

        The returned image URL will be used for services like Facebook, Slack,
        Twitter, etc. when linking to this file attachment.

            The absolute URL to an image used to depict this file attachment.
        return self.obj.get_absolute_url()

    def get_js_model_data(self):
        data = super(ImageReviewUI, self).get_js_model_data()
        data['imageURL'] = self.obj.file.url

        if self.diff_against_obj:
            data['diffAgainstImageURL'] = self.diff_against_obj.file.url

        return data

    def serialize_comments(self, comments):
        result = {}
        serialized_comments = \
            super(ImageReviewUI, self).serialize_comments(comments)

        for serialized_comment in serialized_comments:
                position = '%(x)sx%(y)s+%(width)s+%(height)s' \
                           % serialized_comment
            except KeyError:
                # It's possible this comment was made before the review UI
                # was provided, meaning it has no data. If this is the case,
                # ignore this particular comment, since it doesn't have a
                # region.

            result.setdefault(position, []).append(serialized_comment)

        return result

    def get_comment_thumbnail(self, comment):
            x = int(comment.extra_data['x'])
            y = int(comment.extra_data['y'])
            width = int(comment.extra_data['width'])
            height = int(comment.extra_data['height'])
        except (KeyError, ValueError):
            # This may be a comment from before we had review UIs. Or,
            # corrupted data. Either way, don't display anything.
            return None

        image_url = crop_image(comment.file_attachment.file,
                               x, y, width, height)

        if not urlparse(image_url).netloc:
            image_url = build_server_url(image_url)

        image_html = (
            '<img class="modified-image" src="%s" width="%s" height="%s" '
            'alt="%s" />'
            % (image_url, width, height, escape(comment.text)))

        if comment.diff_against_file_attachment_id:
            diff_against_image_url = crop_image(
                x, y, width, height)

            if not urlparse(diff_against_image_url).netloc:
                diff_against_image_url = build_server_url(

            diff_against_image_html = (
                '<img class="orig-image" src="%s" width="%s" '
                'height="%s" alt="%s" />'
                % (diff_against_image_url, width, height,

            return ('<div class="image-review-ui-diff-thumbnail">%s%s</div>'
                    % (diff_against_image_html, image_html))
            return image_html