migrate from maven2.x to maven3.x

Recently I migrated an application from maven2.x to maven3.x. And the only issue we faced was that profiles.xml was used in maven2. Here is the warning raised by maven3 while building. Since we had all the properties for building in profiles.xml so the first step we took was to copy these properties into pom.xml. And … Read more

maven properties in pom.xml converted to properties file

With maven 3.x profiles.xml is no longer supported. We had all our properties in the profiles.xml. So we changed to maven 3 and had to convert properties in profiles.xml to properties file. Here are the details about maven2.x to maven3.x migration   So here is the java utility class that reads the properties in pom.xml … Read more

log4j2 issues with maven assembly plugin

I was working on a project and we needed an executable jar will the dependencies in. So I googled and found maven-assembly-plugin. So I took the plugin and used it build my executable jar. After running the executable the log4j2 stopped to work. I tried to build the executable with log4j2.xml in src/main/resources but the … Read more