log4j2 contributing to memory leakage on redeploy

We have a number of wars in one tomcat. And recently we upgraded from log4j1.x to log4j2.x. And since then we have faced a lot of issues. One of them is listed here. After the above issue we took out the log4j2 jars and placed them in the tomcat lib folder. But we didn’t move … Read more

log4j2 writing multiple files for multiple webapps in tomcat

As we moved to the latest version of the log4j. We were using log4j 1.x and now we upgraded to log4j 2.x. We have 4 webapps in single tomcat container and they all share the same log4j2.xml. This log4j2.xml is provided at the startup of the tomcat container using the property “log4j.configurationFile”. property In log4j2.xml we had … Read more

log4j2 issues with maven assembly plugin

I was working on a project and we needed an executable jar will the dependencies in. So I googled and found maven-assembly-plugin. So I took the plugin and used it build my executable jar. After running the executable the log4j2 stopped to work. I tried to build the executable with log4j2.xml in src/main/resources but the … Read more