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License : BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License
Project Creator : BuildACell

def graphPlot(DG,DGspecies,DGreactions,plot,layout="force",positions=None,plot_species = True, plot_reactions = True, plot_edges = True, plot_arrows = True,\
              species_glyph_size = 12, reaction_glyph_size = 8, posscale = 1.0,layoutfunc=None,iterations=2000,rseed=30,show_species_images=False):
    """given a directed graph, plot it!
    DG: a directed graph of type DiGraph
    DGspecies: a directed graph which only contains the species nodes
    DGreactions: a directed graph which only contains the reaction nodes
    plot: a bokeh plot object
    layout: graph layout function. 
                'force' uses fa2 to push nodes apart
                'circle' plots the nodes and reactions in two overlapping circles, with the reactions on the inside of the circle
                'custom' allows user input "layoutfunc". Internally, layoutfunc is passed the three inputs (DG, DGspecies, DGreactions)
                                                        and should output a position dictionary with node {  <  node number>:(x,y)}

    positions: a dictionary of node names and x,y positions. this gets passed into the layout function
    posscale: multiply the scaling of the plot. This only affects the arrows because the arrows are a hack :("""
    if(not PLOT_NETWORK):
        warn("network plotting disabled because some libraries are not found")
    if(layout == "force"):
        # below are parameters for the force directed graph visualization
        forceatlas2 = ForceAtlas2(
            # Behavior alternatives
            outboundAttractionDistribution=True,  # Dissuade hubs
            linLogMode=False,  # NOT IMPLEMENTED
            # Prevent overlap (NOT IMPLEMENTED)

            # Performance
            jitterTolerance=1.0,  # Tolerance
            multiThreaded=False,  # NOT IMPLEMENTED

            # Tuning

            # Log

        positions = forceatlas2.forceatlas2_networkx_layout(
            DG, pos=positions, iterations=iterations)
    elif(layout == "circle"):
        positions = nx.circular_layout(DGspecies, scale=50*posscale)
        positions.update(nx.circular_layout(DGreactions, scale=35*posscale))
    elif(layout == "custom"):
        positions = layoutfunc(DG, DGspecies, DGreactions)
    reaction_renderer = from_networkx(DGreactions, positions, center=(0, 0))
    species_renderer = from_networkx(DGspecies, positions, center=(0, 0))
    edges_renderer = from_networkx(DG, positions, center=(0, 0))

    #Set xbounds and ybounds:
    xbounds = [0, 0]
    ybounds = [0, 0]
    for n in positions:
        xbounds[0] = min([xbounds[0], positions[n][0]])
        xbounds[1] = max([xbounds[1], positions[n][0]])
        ybounds[0] = min([ybounds[0], positions[n][1]])
        ybounds[1] = max([ybounds[1], positions[n][1]])

    max_glyph = max([reaction_glyph_size, species_glyph_size])
    xbounds[0] -= max_glyph
    xbounds[1] += max_glyph
    ybounds[0] -= max_glyph
    ybounds[1] += max_glyph

    # edges
    edges_renderer.node_renderer.glyph = Circle(
        size=species_glyph_size, line_alpha=0, fill_alpha=0, fill_color="color")
    edges_renderer.edge_renderer.glyph = MultiLine(
        line_alpha=0.2, line_width=4, line_join="round", line_color="color")
    edges_renderer.edge_renderer.selection_glyph = MultiLine(
        line_color=Spectral4[2], line_width=5, line_join="round")
    edges_renderer.edge_renderer.hover_glyph = MultiLine(
        line_color=Spectral4[1], line_width=5, line_join="round")
    if plot_arrows:
        xbounds_a, ybounds_a = makeArrows2(
            edges_renderer, DG, positions, headsize=5)  # make the arrows!
        xbounds[0] = min([xbounds[0], xbounds_a[0]])
        xbounds[1] = max([xbounds[1], xbounds_a[1]])
        ybounds[0] = min([ybounds[0], ybounds_a[0]])
        ybounds[1] = max([ybounds[1], ybounds_a[1]])

    # we want to find the middle of the graph and plot a square that is 1:1 aspect ratio

    # find the midpoint of the graph
    xmid = statistics.mean(xbounds)
    ymid = statistics.mean(ybounds)
    # now, subtract the middle from the edges
    xmiddlized = [a-xmid for a in xbounds]
    ymiddlized = [a-ymid for a in ybounds]
    # now, find the biggest dimension
    absdim = max([abs(a) for a in xmiddlized+ymiddlized])
    xlim = [xmid-absdim*1.05, xmid + absdim*1.05]
    ylim = [ymid-absdim*1.05, ymid + absdim*1.05]
    # now set it on the plot!
    plot.x_range = Range1d(xlim[0], xlim[1])
    plot.y_range = Range1d(ylim[0], ylim[1])

    # reactions
    reaction_renderer.node_renderer.glyph = Square(
        size=reaction_glyph_size, fill_color="color")
    reaction_renderer.node_renderer.selection_glyph = Square(
        size=reaction_glyph_size, fill_color=Spectral4[2])
    reaction_renderer.node_renderer.hover_glyph = Square(
        size=reaction_glyph_size, fill_color=Spectral4[1])

    # nodes
    species_renderer.node_renderer.glyph = Circle(size=12, fill_color="color")
    species_renderer.node_renderer.selection_glyph = Circle(size=15, fill_color=Spectral4[2])
    species_renderer.node_renderer.hover_glyph = Circle(size=15, fill_color=Spectral4[1])
    #this part adds the interactive elements that make it so that the lines are highlighted 
    #when you mouse over and click
    edge_hover_tool = HoverTool(tooltips= None,renderers=[edges_renderer])
    if( not show_species_images):
        species_hover_tool = HoverTool(tooltips=[("name", "@species"), ("type", "@type")],\
        species_hover_tool = HoverTool(tooltips=' < div> < div>  < img src="data:image/png;base64,@image" style="float: left; margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;"> < /img> < /div> < /div>',\
    rxn_hover_tool = HoverTool(tooltips=[("reaction", "@species"), ("type", "@type"),("k_f","@k"),("k_r","@k_r")],\
    plot.add_tools(edge_hover_tool,species_hover_tool,rxn_hover_tool, TapTool(), BoxSelectTool(),PanTool(),WheelZoomTool())

    edges_renderer.selection_policy = NodesAndLinkedEdges()
    edges_renderer.inspection_policy = EdgesAndLinkedNodes()

    if plot_edges:
    if plot_reactions:
    if plot_species:

def generate_networkx_graph(CRN,useweights=False,use_pretty_print=False,pp_show_material=True,