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License : MIT License
Project Creator : rthorst

def test_show_doc_no_server(mock_notebook_content,
    mock_get_comms.return_value = "comms"
    s = State()
    d = Document()
    mock_notebook_content.return_value = ["notebook_script", "notebook_div", d]

    class Obj(object):
        id = None
        def references(self): return []

    assert mock__publish_display_data.call_count == 0
    binb.show_doc(Obj(), s, True)

    expected_args = ({'application/javascript': 'notebook_script', 'application/vnd.bokehjs_exec.v0+json': ''},)
    expected_kwargs = {'metadata': {'application/vnd.bokehjs_exec.v0+json': {'id': None}}}

    assert d._hold is not None
    assert mock__publish_display_data.call_count == 2 # two mime types
    assert mock__publish_display_data.call_args[0] == expected_args
    assert mock__publish_display_data.call_args[1] == expected_kwargs

class Test_push_notebook(object):