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License : BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License
Project Creator : holoviz

def load_notebook(inline=True, load_timeout=5000):
    from IPython.display import publish_display_data

    resources = INLINE if inline else CDN
    prev_resources = settings.resources(default="server")
    user_resources = settings.resources._user_value is not _Unset
    resources = Resources.from_bokeh(resources)
        bundle = bundle_resources(None, resources)
        bundle = Bundle.from_bokeh(bundle)
        configs, requirements, exports, skip_imports = require_components()
        ipywidget = 'ipywidgets_bokeh' in sys.modules
        bokeh_js = _autoload_js(bundle, configs, requirements, exports,
                                skip_imports, ipywidget, load_timeout)
        if user_resources:
            settings.resources = prev_resources

        'application/javascript': bokeh_js,
        LOAD_MIME: bokeh_js,

    # Publish comm manager
    CSS = (PANEL_DIR / '_templates' / 'jupyter.css').read_text()
    JS = '\n'.join([PYVIZ_PROXY, _JupyterCommManager.js_manager, nb_mime_js])
    publish_display_data(data={LOAD_MIME: JS, 'application/javascript': JS})
    publish_display_data(data={'text/html': f'  <  style>{CSS} < /style>'})

def show_server(panel, notebook_url, port):