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License : MIT License
Project Creator : rthorst

    def test_accurate_dataspecs(self):
        class Base(HasProps):
            num = NumberSpec(12)
            not_a_dataspec = Float(10)

        class Mixin(HasProps):
            mixin_num = NumberSpec(14)

        class Sub(Base, Mixin):
            sub_num = NumberSpec(16)

        base = Base()
        mixin = Mixin()
        sub = Sub()

        assert set(["num"]) == base.dataspecs()
        assert set(["mixin_num"]) == mixin.dataspecs()
        assert set(["num", "mixin_num", "sub_num"]) == sub.dataspecs()

        assert dict(num=base.lookup("num")) ==  base.dataspecs_with_props()
        assert dict(mixin_num=mixin.lookup("mixin_num")) == mixin.dataspecs_with_props()
        assert dict(num=sub.lookup("num"), mixin_num=sub.lookup("mixin_num"), sub_num=sub.lookup("sub_num")) == sub.dataspecs_with_props()

    def test_not_serialized(self):