Here are the examples of the python api django.utils.six.moves.urllib.parse.urlquote taken from open source projects. By voting up you can indicate which examples are most useful and appropriate.

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Example 1

Project: viewflow
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    def get_success_url(self):
        """Continue on task or redirect back to task list."""
        url = self.activation.flow_task.get_task_url(
            self.activation.task, url_type='guess', user=self.request.user,

        back = self.request.GET.get('back', None)
        if back and not is_safe_url(url=back, host=self.request.get_host()):
            back = '/'

        if '_continue' in self.request.POST and back:
            url = "{}?back={}".format(url, urlquote(back))
        elif back:
            url = back

        return url

Example 2

Project: reviewboard
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    def is_valid_repository(self):
        """Checks if this is a valid Git repository."""
        url_parts = urlsplit(self.path)

        if (url_parts.scheme.lower() in ('http', 'https') and
            url_parts.username is None and self.username):
            # Git URLs, especially HTTP(s), that require authentication should
            # be entered without the authentication info in the URL (because
            # then it would be visible), but we need it in the URL when testing
            # to make sure it exists. Reformat the path here to include them.
            new_netloc = urlquote(self.username, safe='')

            if self.password:
                new_netloc += ':' + urlquote(self.password, safe='')

            new_netloc += '@' + url_parts.netloc

            path = urlunsplit((url_parts[0], new_netloc, url_parts[2],
                               url_parts[3], url_parts[4]))
            path = self.path

        p = self._run_git(['ls-remote', path, 'HEAD'])
        errmsg =
        failure = p.wait()

        if failure:
            logging.error("Git: Failed to find valid repository %s: %s" %
                          (self.path, errmsg))
            return False

        return True

Example 3

Project: reviewboard
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    def _build_raw_url(self, path, revision):
        url = self.raw_file_url
        url = url.replace("<revision>", revision)
        url = url.replace("<filename>", urlquote(path))
        return url