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Project: django-cms
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def build_plugin_tree(plugins):
    Accepts an iterable of plugins and assigns tuples, sorted by position, of
    children plugins to their respective parents.
    Returns a sorted list of root plugins.
    cache = dict((, p) for p in plugins)
    by_parent_id = attrgetter('parent_id')
    nonroots = sorted(filter(by_parent_id, cache.values()),
                      key=attrgetter('parent_id', 'position'))
    families = ((cache[parent_id], tuple(children))
                for parent_id, children
                in groupby(nonroots, by_parent_id))
    for parent, children in families:
        parent.child_plugin_instances = children
    return sorted(filterfalse(by_parent_id, cache.values()),