Java Tree implementation

In this tutorial I am going to show a simple Tree data structure implemented in Java.We will see how to create Tree data structure and also a mechanism of traversing the tree in a very easy way. The Tree which we will create in this tutorial will be the java representation of the image shown … [Read more…]

Sort List in Java using Collections.sort(List)

sort collection

In this tutorial, I will describe sorting list in java using Collections.sort(List). Here are some nice animations for sorting. I will be showing examples for 1. Sorting objects that implement Comparable 2. Sorting objects that don’t implement Comparable Sorting objects that implement Comparable We can sort  java.util.List using a java utility class java.util.Collections. We will … [Read more…]

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/springframework/orm/jpa/EntityManagerFactoryUtils on shutdown

Recently we faced an issue which occurred on the Ubuntu 14.02. The issue was that undeploy was not working properly. It had exceptions on undeploy about threads not being shutdown. If we tried to shutdown the tomcat afterwards, it just didn’t want to die. The tomcat process was still running even after calling the … [Read more…]