Supercharge Your Writing with Jenni AI

Jenni AI is a powerful tool designed to enhance the research and writing capabilities of academics and professionals. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what Jenni AI offers:

Key Features:

  • AI Autocomplete: This feature assists users in overcoming writer’s block by providing real-time writing suggestions.
  • In-text Citations: Jenni AI can consult the latest research and any uploaded PDFs to easily cite in various formats such as APA, MLA, IEEE, or Harvard style.
  • Paraphrase & Rewrite: Users can paraphrase any text in any tone, allowing for customized rewriting of content.
  • Generate From Your Files: Bring your research papers to life with source-based content generation.
  • Chat to your PDFs: This feature enables users to quickly understand and summarize their research papers with the help of an AI chat assistant.
  • Outline Builder: Simply enter a prompt, and Jenni AI will provide a list of section headings ready to be expanded upon.
  • Custom Styles & Tones: Whether you’re writing an academic paper or a persuasive article, you can select the tone that best suits your needs.
  • Research Library: Save and manage your research in a dedicated library and easily cite any research in your documents.

Use Cases:

Jenni AI can assist in creating various types of content, including:

  • Essays
  • Literature reviews
  • Research papers
  • Personal statements for colleges
  • Blog posts
  • Speeches


  • What are citations?

    • Citations are references to sources that you use in your writing. They give credit to the original authors and allow readers to track down the original sources if they wish. Jenni AI provides in-text citations and can easily cite in various formats such as APA, MLA, IEEE, or Harvard style.
  • Does Jenni plagiarize?

    • Jenni AI includes a plagiarism checker feature, which emphasizes producing original content and checking for any potential overlaps with existing content.

Jenni AI is trusted by universities and businesses worldwide and is loved by over 1 million academics. The platform boasts a 10x increase in writing speed and includes features like a plagiarism checker and in-text citations.

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For those interested in trying out the platform, Jenni AI offers a free version for users to create their first piece of content.

For more detailed information, you can visit the official website.

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