sparx Enterprise architect complaining “You are not connected to version control”

Today a colleague came to me and complained that enterprise architect was not allowing to commit her changes to SVN.  After looking at the EA documentation we found out that EA also has a offline mode. Here is what the EA site says about it
“When loading a model that uses version control, Enterprise Architect normally initializes a connection to the version control system for each version control configuration defined in the model. If Enterprise Architect is unable to connect a version control configuration for any reason, it displays warning messages to notify you and provides offline version control functionality for all packages associated with the failed connection.”
But we found out that this was not the issue on my colleagues computer. So after investigation we found out that she had installed the latest version of  TortiseSVN and with this version came also the latest svn client. And the client she used to checkout the EA project was older one.
  Here the fix was simple to unsinstall the latest TortiseSVN and install the older version. So the EA started working again happily.

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