Scrum in 2 minutes

What is scrum?
Scrum is an agile methodology that tries to overcome the issues with waterfall concept.What is a standup meeting?
Standup meetings are daily meetings in which all the team gives status about the three questions:
1. What did i do yesterday?
2. What is blocking me?
3. What am i doing today?

This meeting is usually scheduled for 15 minutes. So standing up makes everyone uncomfortable for longer times. Standing is usually done to make meetings shorter. All the team members have to be on time.

Did I find any advantages about scrum?
I have worked with waterfall model and have had issues like different people doing the same task twice in the same project. Daily meetings try to avoid this issue.
If someone is blocked due to some issue he can report that in the meeting and someone else in the team can help him to overcome the issue he is facing. With waterfall it is always difficult to get someone to help in a blocking task as everyone seems to be responsible for his own tasks.
Getting rid of bottlenecks. I have worked in projects one of the experienced developers was not responding to the problems faced by other developers due to his interference with other team members tasks. That made the whole team look lagging much behind than the estimates. With scrum this issues gets highlighted very quickly as everyone reports issues in daily scrum. The scrum master takes the note of that and can make sure that the bottlenecks can be addressed correctly.

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