1. Nikolai Kalashnikov

    Thanks for the article, but the way it is written, it is unnecessarily hard to understand. To simplify it, I suggest it be divided into four sections:
    (1) The problem statement (error).
    (2) Likely cause (old POMs).
    (3) Solution (updated POMs).
    This would massively simplify the article and make it easier to understand. The fourth & final section would be (4) Your setup. Which, for most users is not relevant because there are many different possible setups that can cause the same error. You would only add this section as a convenience to readers who want to delve deeper into the problem by comparing & contrasting their setup with yours. AND, in the current state, it is extremely hard to understand your setup. You are saying “Parent1” & “Parent2”, but I think you really mean “Project1/parent” & “Project2/parent” (for your case). To clarify this to the reader, I would maybe show some extra information like a tree structure of the POMs, or a little bit of the POMs that are relevant, or even the reactor(s) summary to show the relationship (you can get this with mvn clean if if you can’t build your project).

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