Eclipse : the input type of launch configuration does not exist

Problem : 

   Eclipse :the input type of launch configuration does not exist

Solution :

   I had created a Test class with a different file name than the name of the class itself.

   File Name :

   And the contents were :

class Test{


On running this test in eclipse I used to get the above error. Once I named the class and the file name same, the issue was resolved.

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  1. Sapphire

    return ‘FAIL’

    def _kill_stuck_taskd(self, pid):
    os.kill(int(pid), signal.SIGKILL)
    # find all ‘busy’ tasks for this pid and mark them as ‘error’
    tasks = list(self._busy_tasks(pid=pid))‘…taskd pid %s has assigned tasks: %s. ‘
    ‘setting state to \’error\’ for all of them’ % (pid, tasks))
    for task in tasks:
    task.state = ‘error’
    task.result = ‘Taskd has stuck with this task’

    def _complete_suspicious_tasks(self):
    complete_tasks = M.MonQTask.query.find({
    ‘state’: ‘complete’,
    ‘_id’: {‘$in’: [t._id for t in self.suspicious_tasks]}
    return [t._id for t in complete_tasks]

    def _check_suspicious_tasks(self):
    if not self.suspicious_tasks:
    complete_tasks = self._complete_suspicious_tasks()
    for task in self.suspicious_tasks:‘Verifying task %s’ % task)
    if task._id not in complete_tasks:‘…incomplete. Setting status to \’error\”)
    task.state = ‘error’
    task.result = ‘Forsaken task’

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