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19 View Source File : BVH.cs
License : MIT License
Project Creator : katalash

public List<hkcdStaticTreeCodec3Axis4> BuildAxis4Tree()
            var ret = new List<hkcdStaticTreeCodec3Axis4>();

            void CompressNode(BVNode node, Vector3 pbbmin, Vector3 pbbmax)
                var currindex = ret.Count();
                var compressed = new hkcdStaticTreeCodec3Axis4();

                // Compress the bounding box
                compressed.m_xyz_0 = CompressDim(node.Min.X, node.Max.X, pbbmin.X, pbbmax.X);
                compressed.m_xyz_1 = CompressDim(node.Min.Y, node.Max.Y, pbbmin.Y, pbbmax.Y);
                compressed.m_xyz_2 = CompressDim(node.Min.Z, node.Max.Z, pbbmin.Z, pbbmax.Z);

                // Read back the decompressed bounding box to use as reference for next compression
                var min = compressed.DecompressMin(pbbmin, pbbmax);
                var max = compressed.DecompressMax(pbbmin, pbbmax);

                if (node.IsLeaf)
                    compressed.m_data = (byte)(node.Primitive * 2);
                    // Add the left as the very next node
                    CompressNode(node.Left, min, max);

                    // Encode the index of the right then add it. The index should
                    // always be even
                    compressed.m_data = (byte)((ret.Count() - currindex) | 0x1);

                    // Now encode the right
                    CompressNode(node.Right, min, max);

            CompressNode(this, Min, Max);
            return ret;