Bokeh is an open-source library for creating interactive visualizations for modern web browsers. It allows users to create highly interactive plots, dashboards, and data applications using Python. Bokeh uses JavaScript to render the visualizations in the browser, so the resulting visualizations are highly responsive and can handle large amounts of data. Bokeh provides a high-level … Read more

bokeh file_html example

​ Bokeh is a Python library for creating interactive visualizations for modern web browsers. It can be used to create a wide variety of visualizations, including line plots, scatter plots, and bar charts. One of the ways to display Bokeh visualizations is by converting them to an HTML file, which can then be opened in … Read more

Most Popular AIOHTTP Python APIs

aiohttp.web.Response(147)   aiohttp.web.Application(138)   aiohttp.web.WebSocketResponse(100)   aiohttp.ClientSession(85)   aiohttp.web.StreamResponse(81)   aiohttp.request(76)   aiohttp.helpers.create_future(75)   aiohttpretty.register_json_uri(75)   aiohttpretty.register_uri(68)   aiohttp.TCPConnector(67)   aiohttp.client_reqrep.ClientRequest(59)   aiohttp.web.json_response(46)   aiohttp.protocol.Response(44)   aiohttp.FlowControlDataQueue(42)   aiohttp_session.get_session(40)   aiohttp.BaseConnector(37)   aiohttp.client_reqrep.ClientResponse(34)   aiohttp.get(29)   aiohttp.test_utils.make_mocked_coro(26)   aiohttp.test_utils.make_mocked_request(26)   aiohttp.web.HTTPFound(25)   aiohttp.web.HTTPNotFound(25)   aiohttp.web.HTTPInternalServerError(23)   aiohttp.CIMultiDict(22)   aiohttp.Response(21)   aiohttp.parsers.StreamParser(21)   aiohttp.ws_connect(21)   aiohttp.WSMsgType.TEXT(20) … Read more